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Cell Therapy as a Treatment Pathway for Difficult Diseases

Mark Holterman

An attending pediatric surgeon with the University of Illinois College of Medicine at Peoria, Mark Holterman, MD, focuses on regenerative medicine and employs ethically sourced fetal stem cells in research. In 2015, Dr. Mark Holterman presented at the Alliance for the Advancement of Cellular Therapies conference on the topic “The Dilemma of Difficult Diseases: Cell Therapy to the Rescue?

The paper focuses on the potential of cell therapy and regenerative medicine for “reversing the underlying pathophysiology” of serious conditions and finding sustainable cures. Unfortunately, clinical trials around the world presenting encouraging results from cell therapies are counterbalanced by skepticism within the medical community. With “First, do no harm” as a mantra, uncertainty prevails when it comes to the potential and limitations of such therapies. This has resulted in a suboptimal situation in which patients must often use their own funds and independent research to obtaining leading-edge treatment.
Dr. Holterman describes a “comprehensive, collaborative solution” as being underway, offering the potential to make cell therapies more accessible and affordable for patients.

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