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Endowment for Human Development Offers Prenatal Health Resources

Mark Holterman, MD, is a University of Illinois College of Medicine pediatric surgeon who also performs regenerative medicine research and development as CEO and chief medical officer of Mariam Global Health. Dr. Mark Holterman additionally serves on the Endowment for Human Development’s (EHD) scientific advisory board.

With a commitment to “improving lifelong health one pregnancy at a time,” EHD provides educational resources centered on prenatal development. The nonprofit also focuses on the use of human prenatal development findings in improving pediatric health and advancing clinical approaches to the prevention of a number of chronic diseases and birth defects. It maintains a position of strict neutrality when it comes to bioethical issues related to medical science.
EHD has an interactive website focused on providing educators and physicians with resources for the simple, effective teaching of core women’s health principles. These include the importance of proper nutrition during pregnancy and avoiding cigarettes and alcohol. Also presented on the EHD website is recent research that connects prenatal factors with lifelong physical and cognitive health and abilities.

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